Where are you located?

Our studio is a private space in the Westside area of Los Angeles. Our location is undisclosed for the purpose of retaining privacy for individual clients as opposed to a traditional walk-in shop environment. Once the booking process is complete, all specific information will be provided.


How is pricing done?

Pricing is charged by the piece. Due to physical diversity among clients, the actual details of each tattoo can vary depending on size, design, placement, skin texture, and various other physical conditions. These are elements that can only be seen when client and artist meet in person, so all of these factors can be taken into account to determine the full work it will require in completing the given project. A final price can be determined once creative options are presented and final designs are completed.


I have a piece in mind, can you give me a quote?

We do not give general quotes due to the facts stated above. Every piece is as different as every human body, and the design details for specific individuals differ widely. However, when a client commits in securing an appointment, a quote can be stated according to that client’s specific project, after the client booking has been confirmed.

Prior to the actual session, during the consultation phase, a more accurate estimate will be provided for the client to be prepared for the final cost of work.


Do you sell your tattoo designs?

We do not sell designs to individual requests. Due to the hands-on nature of each piece, the designs that are created are apart of a collaborative process that involves that specific client alone. Designs are preserved to tailor each situation and individual client.


What can I do to reserve appointments in the US if I am overseas?

For clients out of state or overseas, the best option is to determine your visit a year ahead of time in order to organize proper accommodations and general scheduling. Face to face consultations are waived, and a phone conference can be scheduled to discuss the ideas of your piece in advance, in preparation for your future appointment. If your piece is the beginning to a long-term project, then we will coordinate our plans and travel schedule overseas to organize sessions near your country. Or we may organize a schedule to determine your additional visits to the US to complete your collection.


How often does Jun Cha tattoo in Europe?

Jun Cha visits various parts of Europe three to five times a year. In most cases, these visits are organized to work privately for clients throughout Europe, but may also be scheduled along side select tattoo conventions/trade shows. Pre-booking is available to those in Europe in accordance with our current travel schedule and overseas campaigns.


I have a large collection I want to get started, how can I plan ahead for future sessions?

Long-term projects can be broken down from the initial first session. The first session is most often spent planning and organizing the main concepts to a large project, so both artist and client can see the full scope of the work and establish clarity. This usually is the most critical stage even though some aspects of the collection may not be addressed until further in the future. It’s advised that clients establish a rhythm in the first session to get the process going, and be familiar with the experience of the tattoo sessions so things like tolerance, and personal limits can be realized to help determine the sequence of consecutive sessions.

Pre-booking is available for those experienced collectors where we can tailor scheduling specifically to your collection.


Is there any way I can get my appointment sooner?

Out of respect for all clients, we do not swap scheduling because each project is given equal amount of attention and care. And this is reflected in our schedule, so sessions can be consistent throughout each project and each individual. However, depending on travel schedules and general work sessions, for existing long-term clients, priority scheduling is provided for those who are already months into ongoing collections in contrast to first time clients.


I have a general vision about my tattoo, but I’m having trouble organizing my ideas, can you help me?

Yes, however, it is advised for clients to have general ideas in terms of meaning and purpose well developed prior to imagery. The more clarity that the individual has for the intentions of the piece, the stronger the options are creatively to develop visuals to begin design based off of that foundation. Organizing, planning and composing imagery comes naturally when meanings that support them are authentic to the individual. Once a focus is built, then various images can be presented to the client accordingly.


When will I see the lay-out of the tattoo design?

Once you are in session, various references and options involved in your project will be presented to you. Jun Cha spends extensive time in preparing, gathering, and organizing references, so rest assured he will offer a focused visual to create the best image possible. The process is not a 1-2-3 traditional approach to tattooing, whereby a sketch is done, then that sketch is used to produce the final tattoo. Instead, ideas are always left to be fluid and free until the day of the actual session so that we can assess and adapt to the location. The references that are organized between the client and artist is the foundation in which improvising and adapting is possible. In session, all reference images will be finalized, and only until both client and artist are completely satisfied, will tattooing begin.


How long is a normal tattoo session?

Session time varies widely depending on the actual piece, design, client pain tolerance and related circumstances. However as a general range, sessions can be between 9 to 12 hours. In larger projects or big scale pieces, sessions can run up to 14 hours and beyond. This is all of course including several breaks, meals and additional pauses. Pain is a gradual factor, whereby the longer the session is, the more pain can progress. It is strongly advised for clients to get a good night’s rest prior to session time, to ensure the physical state is at it’s peak. Time is a secondary factor that unfolds according to each specific client and is determined by the project. Quality remains the top priority.


If you have any further concerns please email to tattoo@juncha.net. Thank you.